Wednesday 27 August 2008

Collector's Treasure - Alex's Collection

The reason I created this site is to provide help and information to Sega collectors so it's only right to show off some of the amazing Sega collections out there.'s first featured collector is 28 year old Alex from Germany. We discuss how he started out, what he enjoys about collecting and a few tips for new collectors. The photo's can be enlarged by clicking them..

Alex's shelving packed full of Sega treasure..

SegaCollect: How long have you been collecting for the Master System?

Alex: In 2006 I discovered my old master system again. Then I started playing my old games a bit and I really enjoyed it. Then in march 2007 when I finished playing all my master system games I looked on ebay for more games. After that, I discovered and I read about some rare sms games and I looked for them. I bought more games and read about cool accessories and then started collecting.

More treasure!

Alex's Sega Mega-Tech Cab

SC: Wow, that's an amazing collection to have after just 18 months! What do you like most about the Master System and what is good about collecting for it?

A: The things I like the most are that there is always new Master System stuff being discovered by collectors. For example a photo of an SMS II version of Home alone, A Moonwalker Blister Pack including a VHS tape, Weinachtsset SMSII Pack, Italian lion king, Argentinean Master System stuff. Also I like collecting for the SMS because there is a great collector scene with friendly collectors.

Some nice boxed hardware and a selection of German
Master System marketing booklets and stickers.

SC: Where do you buy or find your Master System items (Online, shops or fairs)?

A: I live in a rural part of Germany so It is very difficult to find anything at all for the Master System in this area. Apart from my first System and games I have only found about 2 games in my area the rest has had to be online.

A complete German Master System rental suitcase.

SC: What has been your most expensive purchase and do you regret paying so much?

A: When I started collecting I noticed that there is actually a 'Brazil only' Sonic game - Sonic Blast. Since I am a really big Sonic fan I decided that I must have that game, but I couldn't’t find it anywhere. So, when I finally saw it for £60 I just bought it! Later I noticed that it can be easily found for £20, therefore I still regret buying it for £60.

Brazilian TecToy items including that slightly expensive
Sonic Blast (Iv'e seen it sell for higher Alex)

SC: What has been your best bargain or best find?

A: I guess that is my Korean 'Aladdin Boy' and 'Gam*Boy II' which I got each with a Korean game for £30 shipped.

Alex's Korean Samsung consoles. Top: Gam*Boy,
bottom left: Gam*Boy II and bottom right: Aladdin Boy

SC: Those are some great bargains! (I would hate to reveal how much I paid for a Gam*Boy). What is your favourite item in your collection so far?

A: That would be my boxed complete SG Commander control pad, I nearly needed one year to find it.

Left: Alex's fave - a European boxed SG Commander.
Right: Japanese 'Hori' SG Commander.

SC: What are your favourite areas of collecting? (i.e. Complete Euro or US sets, Strange variations, Boxed hardware...)

A: My favourite area of collecting is the Korean market, but I also like collecting Tec Toy variations, boxed hardware and other rare games and stuff. I don’t aim to have a complete set.

A great selection of very hard to find Korean
games (and even harder to find Taiwanese)

SC: What 3 items do you need/ want most in your collection (Your holy Grails)?

A: My holy grails are a red F-16 Fighter pre-release card, a Portuguese purple Taz in Escape From Mars and any boxed Korean SMS console.

Some Portuguese purple games
(one of my own favorite sets of games to collect)

SC: Do you play Master System games much or mainly collect?

A: I do both, although I haven't played all the Master System games I own so far. Also there are some crappy games that I don’t like and which I will never play again, but on the Master System, there are enough good games so I have enough to play. I play about 3 hours per week.

SC: That sounds like me also, I wish I had more time for playing. Which is your favourite Master System game?

A: Wonder Boy III

A full and complete set of the known early German releases
including Light Phaser and console.

SC: Do you have any advice for people looking to start a games collection?

A: When you start collecting you shouldn't’t rush into it and buy everything for daft prices,
You should be patient. You can find nearly everything at a good price if you watch ebay and other places constantly.

Complete German, French and English versions of Ultima IV, very impressive.

Many thanks to Alex for showing and speaking about his Master System collection. If you have a Sega collection you would like to show and discuss then please let me know.


David said...

Great interview and an excellent profile of a cool collection!

Anonymous said...

That's a sweet collection Alex, first time i've seen pics of it altogether ;).

Nice write up too rupert, keep up the good work :).

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff, as usual!
For a gamer, nothing comes close to the beauty of such an awesome collection.

Unknown said...

Great interview en very nice pictures!
I was stumbled into this site wenn searching for the SG Commander control pads for my collection.
To bad they are so damm hard to find.

Unknown said...

I have a limited edition sonic 2 enamel pin set from 1991 I'm trying to get valued can anyone help