Friday, 25 July 2008

Welcome to Sega Collect

Welcome to my first ever blog. I have been a fan of Sega since I first got a Master System about 18 years ago. I left it behind for newer machines a few years later but it always stayed in my mind as my favorite console. After leaving University about 4 years ago, and getting my first proper job, I found myself with lots of spare time to fill. I didn't really have a hobby other than the usual socialising etc. Then one day my dad turns up with a bag full of my old Sega games and my Master System which he was going to throw out. I was shocked he still had it all!

I spent the next few days playing through all my old games, so many great memories. I noticed that Gamestation was selling retro games including some for the SMS, most were around £1.99 BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free). So I started to buy some of the ones I didn't have back in the day but always wanted, and some I just chose because they looked okay. I started to visit other Gamestation shops in the area and very quickly, and for not much money, I had a bit of a collection going of around 40 titles.

I began to get really interested in just how many games were made for the system and found a helpful website called They had something called a forum which up until then I had never used before. It was like an information overload! I was amazed to find loads of like minded people avidly collecting for the system and discussing it daily. I got totally sucked in and actually started to 'collect' for the system.

I started visiting all the Gamestations, Cash Converters and Car Boot Sales I could find in search of Master System games I didn't have. I recall it took no time at all to get to over 150 games. I found myself constantly reading the old forum posts and gaining knowledge on all the game variations from across the world, so it wasn't long be for ebay became my main source for Master System collecting.

At one point I was receiving up to 3 or 4 parcels per day, every day. Most of my wage seemed to be going on my new hobby and my collection grew out of my office and took over the dining room.

I found another forum,, which seemed even more active than SMSPower. I met loads more like minded people and even found some older posts their which had mentioned my ebay user name, that seemed really strange to me at first. I quickly got friends with quite a few collectors and bought items from them instead of constantly using ebay. I posted some pictures of my collection and got a really positive response. I found it quite rewarding to track down rare or unusual items from other collectors or on ebay then post about them on the forum.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. I wanted my own space to be able to report my (and other collectors) finds. Also to perhaps showcase some Sega only collections and other interesting Sega related information. Anyway, we will see how it goes...


Anonymous said...

Nice collection you got there man.

Animated AF said...

Fantastic blog you got here mate, and a stunning Master System collection.